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Illume Student Advisory Services Ltd is an educational services company based in Vancouver, British Columbia.  Branded as Illume Consulting until 2019, we have been providing a host of diverse services to Canadian post-secondary institutions and school boards across Canada, as well as to foreign students abroad. 

Illume Student Advisory Services Ltd provides representation in various capacities to different institutions in key locations around the world, where school boards and post-secondary schools find it lucrative to recruit international students.  In particular, Illume focuses on and has a strong presence in, Africa and Mauritius, the Middle East, the Indian subcontinent and other parts of Asia.  Streamlined direct marketing in print and online, screening of potential students on-site at recruitment fairs and meetings, school visits, coordinating visiting professors to make presentations, transcript evaluation and file completion, are all part of Illume’s services.  For nearly two decades, schools have relied on Illume to seek out the best students to fit programs and meet the needs of diversification and enhancement of international student numbers on campuses across Canada.

Since its inception, Illume Student Advisory Services Ltd has continued to grow in representation and diversity.  From 2004 to present, the number of institutions represented for recruitment and marketing has grown from three institutions to twenty-two in 2020.

Illume Student Advisory Services Ltd. has been committed to opening up new markets over time, as well.  Company founder, Karuna Ausman, has been recognized as one of the “oldest players” in the market.  She introduced a marketing and recruitment strategy to bring Africa, Middle East, and India students to Canadian campuses in numbers not seen previously.  Illume’s presence in various markets is summarized in the following table:

With increased target marketing in emerging markets with highly qualified students (such as Mauritius) and a commitment to opening up otherwise untapped regions, Illume continues to pay keen attention to market demographics, educational standards, economic trends, and visa approval rates worldwide in order to grow as an organization

Our Mission

Providing education institutions with the knowledge and expertise to find international students that are the right fit for their programs and assisting students in choosing programs that meet their personal and academic goals and their desire to be responsible global citizens.