Illume is proud to represent over 30 of North America’s finest educational institutions. Our clients range from secondary schools, colleges, and universities to language and vocational programs. It is our pleasure to present them internationally and introduce students to their courses and programs. In the process, we impart upon the students what makes each institution unique and look to find them the perfect match. For every program and institution, there is an ideal candidate. This is our guiding principle as we scour the globe in search of those who are best suited to attend your institution. Our vast network of in-country representatives regularly hosts events to promote our institutional partners in their respective countries. Our team members also take part in fairs organized by industry partners as well as meet-and-greets with agents, trade commissioners, and government representatives.

"Being a small institution in Manitoba, MITT has often found it difficult to compete on the global stage. Our partnership with Illume has changed that. Illume’s global team has helped to advance our international student recruitment efforts and we have benefitted by high class fill rates, increased retention, and diversification of international student body. This partnership has allowed us to have an intentional global strategy which would have been difficult for MITT to achieve on our own."

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Bev Stuart - Vice President, Business and Organizational Development at Manitoba Institute of Trades and Technology, Winnipeg, Manitoba.

"Trent University is committed to diversification and outstanding services in our international program. Illume has established offices for us in Ghana and Kenya. They assist us with strategy, logistics and day to day operations. In India, Illume assists with recruitment and enrollment support and conversion. We view our Illume staff and colleagues as an integral part of our international team and a vital part of our recruitment success"

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Cath D'Amico - Director, Trent International, Peterborough and Durham Ontario.

"Illume has helped Keyano college quickly launch our international program. In short time, Illume established in-country presence for us in India, Nigeria, and Philippines. We have onboarded over 75 new agents and are seeing applications increase exponentially."

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Jay Notay - CEO Keyano Collage – Fort McMurray, Alberta.

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