Services Provided

  •    The formation of marketing strategies specific to the needs of the school and its programs
  •    Recruitment of students through various means:
  •    Direct and indirect recruitment at fairs and student meetings
  •    School visits
  •    A network of reliable agents
  •    Agent mentorship (helping agents grow and meet the specific needs of Canadian Institutions for whom they recruit)
  •    Setting up overseas offices (for example, two for the University of New Brunswick in Africa and India)
  •    The preparation of promotional materials for print and online advertising (multi-media)
  •    Representation at educational fairs overseas
  •    Facilitating visitors from universities (professors, Deans) who conduct outreach through guest workshops and lectures, and       engage directly with prospective applicants (arrival to departure planning from hotel to flights to events)
  •   Working closely with Recruitment departments at the universities and colleges represented (Registrar’s Office, Offices of   Undergraduate and/or Graduate Recruitment)
  •   Working collaboratively with other agencies based in Canada such as Ignite Globally and Henniger International to build market     presence and strategy
  •  Building relationships with foreign partners and overseas schools
  •  Meeting with Canadian High Commission representatives around the world to support Canadian education initiatives
  •  Print services (as needed) locally
  •  Travel planning and booking for global and regional recruitment drives multiple times per year